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February 2018
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Clarifying Aspects of the First and Second Period

Sacred Breath cooled her skin...

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The Superior Great Mystery & the Big Bang Theory

The afternoon ended with an abrupt knock on my office door.  I came to awareness of time and space. A quick glance out of the window revealed a black sky and fully risen moon. How long? At least four hours by the height of the moon!  Way too long to be inside a closed space with a male inmate.  An immediate, “come in”, came from my mouth although I struggled to remain in the present.  It was the Driver, notifying me of a run to pick up inmates from work.  He glanced suspiciously around the room. I sat; legs crossed, in my chair underneath the window.  He sat with his hands in his lap on the other side of the desk; the protective barrier between us, head bowed in submission.  The Driver’s eyes and faced relaxed.  All was as it should have been from the perspective of the system that ruled us both.

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The Superior Great Spirit: The First Period of Creation

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Taku Wakan


Words to know:Anp: (Aunp)
Light, dawn & dusk
Anpetu: Day time
Han: (HAHn) Darkness
Hanyetu: Night time
Inyan: (Een-yan) Rock, Foundation
Kan: (Khan) forever
Maka: (Earth)
Nagi Tankan: Great Spirit
Skan: (SHkahn)Mover

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Taku Wakan: Sacred Things

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Taku Wakan

Art of Melanie Myhre, via

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