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February 2018
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Taku Wakan: Sacred Things

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Taku Wakan

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Last week I awoke to a very interesting series of dreams.  In one of the segments, I was sitting at my computer and was looking at a video of myself in my home. Then, the screen began to zoom out and I only saw my house.  The screen continued to zoom out and I saw a screen of the geographical region in which I live.  A small pin appeared marking what was once me on the screen.  I looked at the region for a few moments noticing that five separate states appeared on the screen.  Then the screen zoomed out again and I saw  the earth. Of course; the pin disappeared, and I noticed the outlines of the United States, England and Africa.  I was aware of the light of the sun behind me and the moon on the back side of the earth.  My initial reaction was that my little pin was insignificant in light of the global picture.  That thought was immediately “knocked” out of my consciousness and I became aware of the infinite number of meridians which connected all things, and all people, plants, animals & minerals on the planet.  I was impacted by all things around me and I impacted all things. It was a humbling experience to realize that one thought from me impacted the whole.  My impact may not be noticeable in the immediate present, but is is an influence that grew and had impact, none-the- less.

cover of the book the star people

The Star People: A Lakota story purchase book here: products.php?view=Books+%26+Audio+Books

My consciousness began spinning and I became aware of movement.  Galaxies  composed of infinite strands of energy of different thicknesses, like a  massive nervous system,  rolled past my awareness ending with one central lumination of light of  a color I cannot describe.  I consciously know that our universe is billions of years old, and that there are billions of universes within universes.  Time, in these terms is an insignificant concept.  Yet, it seemed I arrived at this central lumination in a matter of seconds.

This Lumination was magnificent. It was like a massive sun thousands of times larger than our sun colored of white-golds, oranges.  This “central Sun” was beyond my awareness of space, time, dimensions. While I felt I was moving, it was as though all things around me stood still; so massive was this location.

I had an awareness of an  intelligence intertwining with my being.  I thought; rather the thought came to me, that it had always been there, but due to my own clouded beliefs had not felt nor fully experienced it. I was also aware that this Intelligence recognized me as one with it causing me to feel humbled and grateful.It knew me before I could even begin to recognize it.  All feelings of fear and doubt left me and I had only one desire and that was to “know”; to explore all aspects of my being and grow.    I just had to stop thinking as my mind felt like it would explode from the urgency to explore. I was able to feel; however,  and the feeling was one of immense joy  and peace.  Gone; in that moment, were the feelings of fear, lonliness and doubt. These were insignificant and artificial. Something dismissed from my consciousness by the Knowing. In that moment I knew that this was the beginning with no end, and that I was an important part of this intelligence.  I had value and meaning and there was no other purpose than to just “be”.  I thought, how can I stay here, and immediately felt a pull to return to earth.  My mind presented me with a still color picture of a circle of luminescent golds and oranges and a feeling of completeness. I knew this image was for me to use when feeling alone and full of doubt. Had I not doubted, I think I would have stayed there forever.

At some point, I became aware; again, of sitting on my couch and looking at my computer. The screen zoomed in and returned to the geographical region in which I live.  I saw my state, then city and several homes on my block.  I focused on the computer.  Red arrows appeared on a black computer screen.   Some were pointing up and moving toward the top of the screen and some were pointing down and moving toward the bottom of the screen like in a flash video. There was constant movement & flow.  I had a deep knowing that the arrows represented the energetic influences on the earth at this period of time.  Those influences had to do with movements of galaxies and planets and the movement of energies which impacted those cycles. I understood that;  first and foremost, those influences are not personal but part of a cycle of nature although at a Universal  level.  Meaning, it was about the cycle of nature as they impact the planet, universes, galaxies and suns, not just our earth. Our universe has cycled to an area it has not been in over 256,00 years and new things are reawakening.   These energy influences  are not about me as an individual anymore than the cycles of nature and weather on earth are about me. We live within these cycles, not the other way around.  It is  about me aligning myself  with all-that- is to flow with the appropriate influences; the influences  that impact me as a human.

I watched the arrows for a moment, captivated by the movement.  I became aware that I could either align with the arrows moving toward the top of the screen or those descending toward the bottom.  I had to chose for standing still would cause me to be pulled apart by the influences.  My preference was to align with the upwardly mobile arrows, meaning to put my consciousness in alignment with an influence of ascension.  That did not mean that the influences to descend, to go toward the bottom of the screen were not present.  They were equally strong.  It was about getting into and maintaining alignment to move with the wave of energy moving to the top of the screen.  This was a  personal dance of alignment.  I felt no judgment about which to choose, only preference and the need to increase my internal work to come into alignment with my true desires.

My next awareness was of the fact that the singular, anthropomorphic concept of God; with the  principles of reward and punishment (especially punishment), is truly an artificial and limiting construct. It ultimately pits one individual against another and one culture against the other as individuals join forces to fight for their god and their beliefs.   Individuals believing that their concept of God is the “right” one; that they worship the one “True God”  is the basis of most of the wars and political conflicts on our planet.  Consequently, there will never be peace on the planet until individuals let go of the concept that there is one and only one ”right way” to define God.

The understanding of God; or All-That-Is, is truly limited by our understanding of the physics of our universal environment. Few of us can conceive of particles which travel faster than the speed of light, life on other planets in invisible realms, or even the dead walking beside us on the earth.  Few can conceive of the idea  of entire universes which can fit on the head of a pin.  How then can we claim to understand fully the Nature of God which embraces all things outside of our planet and outside of  our current understanding of physical laws as they impact our universe? We would do better to allow ourselves to have glimpses of the other aspects of all that is and come to know our place within that multiplicity  of realites.

I had to bring my consciousness back to  the now, my planet and my reality, to what I can understand.  And that is the energetic connections that bind us together on the earth; the green band of energy that moves through every living being on the planet.  I cannot hurt my leg and not have the whole body suffer. We cannot kill each other, be malicious with one another and destroy our natural environment and not have the whole planet suffer. We cannot continue to justify this destructiveness in the name of  “One True God” and expect the whole to prosper.  The more limited one’s  concept of god, the more limited is  the life and ability to manifest God in the life and the whole.

Taku Wakan

Lakota Creation Stories parallel the Big Bang Theory. Life began with a singularity which exploded, & cooled over time which allowed our universe to come into being.image source:


The series, Taku Wakan (Da’-Coo Wah-Kahn’): Sacred Things  is a presentation of my understanding of the Lakota perception of Creation or  “God”. This understanding of creation is defined as  Wakan Tanka (Wah-Kan’ Than’-Kah) ; The Great Mystery. It is a theological construct  that defines  sixteen aspects of Creation known as the Four  times Four god.  Humanity is defined as an  inherent aspect  of creation or god and not outside the whole.  It is a construct which places man in his environment and defines the realization of god through the quality of relationships  with that environment.

The perception of the “Great Mystery” as a solitary, anthropomorphic  “God” is a construct imposed on the Lakota by missionaries & politicians  during the rise of colonialism in America.  With this came the teaching that the European god was better and stronger than the indigenous god.  The taking of indigenous land was “Manifest destiny” or the will of the European god.  The Europeans had stronger science, technology and tools, not a better god. This statement is not an indictment nor criticism of Native Americans  who practice various European or Judeo-Christian traditions.  Indeed, much of current Lakota theology is infused with Christian peception.It is a statement that acknowledges traditional indigenous beliefs as supporting oneness with god and the environment as opposed to separation.  The belief in man’s dominion over the earth; a fundamental Christian and Elite teaching, is causing our  destruction and that of the earth. It is time to consider alternative perceptions.

Graphic mathematical depiction of Big Bang Theory: Our universe is just one of many emanating from all that is. Image source: Wikipedia

This series is written, to present an alternative perception of “god” so that the mind can open to possibilities. There are many alternatives.  Those who study the teachings of Ifa (Ee-fah’) will find much correlation between the tents of Ifa and the teachings of the Lakota including the 401 Spirit Keepers of the Earth (Orisa) and the 16 Odu(Spirits of the Womb) .  Indeed, we will present some of those correlations within the series. It is important to realize, that some place back in history; not the recorded distortions in the books, but in ancient history there was a time when the original cultures embraced a unifying perception of Creation.

“]Our solar system. width=Graphic of our solar system:  Visit this site for a cool graphic representation with animation image source:
We will be presenting Lakota Creation stories as interpreted by Fatu Lady Drummer & Spider Who Sings to support the theosophy. These stories; accompanied by beautiful music and sound effects will be made available on our site.  We also encourage each one to study and purchase books and recordings by traditional indigenous artists, story tellers and cultural teachers to gain a comprehensive view of native indigenous perceptions of creation.

We are open to comments, feedback and constructive discussion on the site. Leave comments on the page and they will be posted to solicit discussion.  If you do not agree, bless the page and move on. We are not seeking to persuade you to change your mind. We are seeking to offer a different understanding to those wanting to walk in a different consciousness  upon the earth. Enjoy the sharing and learning!
Spider Who sings



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