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January 2018
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The Superior Great Mystery & the Big Bang Theory

The afternoon ended with an abrupt knock on my office door.  I came to awareness of time and space. A quick glance out of the window revealed a black sky and fully risen moon. How long? At least four hours by the height of the moon!  Way too long to be inside a closed space with a male inmate.  An immediate, “come in”, came from my mouth although I struggled to remain in the present.  It was the Driver, notifying me of a run to pick up inmates from work.  He glanced suspiciously around the room. I sat; legs crossed, in my chair underneath the window.  He sat with his hands in his lap on the other side of the desk; the protective barrier between us, head bowed in submission.  The Driver’s eyes and faced relaxed.  All was as it should have been from the perspective of the system that ruled us both.

So began a fourteen year journey through Lakota Culture. My unexpected First Mentor introduced me to the magic of the foundations of the culture.  A move to another state allowed me to meet my second and long term mentor who opened doors for me to be among the people, participate in the rituals and ceremonies, and have the life experiences that helped me to heal the Red Veil of anger.  For this, I am ever grateful.

It took me years to recall all the stories that had been told me.  Twelve years, in fact.  I began to have dreams of revolving suns and worlds tumbling through the darkness.  Words began interjecting themselves into my consciousness and I felt compelled to understand the meaning.  I began a more intellectual study of Lakota culture.  I avoided the New Age, “I am an Indian” novels that had been published during that time. I began ordering copies of articles from old Anthropological journals that simply recorded the information but did not give interpretations of the material.  I did locate several articles that gave the stories.  There was little variance in the written material other than the amount of detail that was given.  I realized, I had been told the “facts” of the stories.  This made the reading rather dry, but the oral history was well preserved.

Big Bang Theory
Understanding the First Period of Creation was another matter. How can a “rock” be the source of all life? I began studying the Big Bang theory of Creation.  This theory states that billions of years ago a singularity, a dense mass of energy and matter exploded and propelled into space.  It is the continual expansion and contraction of this “singularity” that eventually produced our earth and all that is in it.  It was not until I began studying this theory in depth, did I realize that the Lakota had preserved in their Oral history; a theory or account of creation that was substantiated by science   another 100 years later.  It is a theory that; according to modern scientists, the Lakota should not have had. Even more remarkable is the account of Han. The First Mentor  and the anthropological  articles referred to Han as nothing.  Han was described as a feminine force but; due to the word nothing, was accounted as insignificant.  One of my guides said I was reading the word wrong. They said, “Han is no-thing”.  My mind racked as I realized what I was being told.  The word ‘nothing’ was more accurately written as ‘no-thing’ and was a differentiation between ‘things’; what we can see, feel, hear, touch and the intangible; what we cannot see, feel, hear or touch.   In other words; Han as no-thing, was the best description of invisible energy, invisible matter or dark energy and dark matter.  These are concepts which modern scientists are just really beginning to accept as truly workable theories; theories which explain black holes, and along with string theory explain paticles physics and why we do not collapse in space.  Indeed, the Lakota account; precisely preserved, speaks of a culture that had advanced knowledge of the workings of our universe. There are theories that explain this knowledge, but that is another article.

I have included a photo that summarizes the Big Bang theory.  Trying to explain the fullness of this theory is beyond the scope of this series and would only recreate the wheel.  Readers are also encouraged to view the various videos of the big Bang theory on You Tube to gain understanding and the magnitude of the theories presented in the Lakota Creation Myth.

photo diagram of big bang theory

Big Bang theory


The Cooling of the Earth:

The Lakota present in simplistic terms the cooling of the earth.  From a scientific perspective, the earth cooled over a period of billions of years.  The gasses and particles from the earth would have been sufficient to block light from the sun from reaching the earth.  The Lakota tell the story as follows:

    •  That Rock surrounded the earth becoming the crust of the earth as the earth began to cool and contract.  As the earth cooled, water was released onto the earth and into the skies.
    • At some Point, the particles of matter; dust, settled onto the earth and the sky began to become lighter. The sky appeared red from sunlight reflecting off the particles but there was not enough clear air for there to be a visible sun.
    • At some point, the Earth cooled sufficiently and the particles settled enough to allow for a blue sky and yellow sun.These points of manifestation are consistent with scientific theories which describe the cooling of the earth and how the physical environment would appear under these conditions.These Primary manifestations of creation the Lakota name Rock, Earth, Great Spirit and Sun. They are called Wakan Anketu: The Superior Great Mystery.  These are the first four manifestations or aspects of God or Creation.

      The Superior Great Mystery

Han:  The First Period of Creation MP3 Recording.
The Fertilized Egg
I grappled a long time with  how to describe the Big Bang Theory in terms that could understood by the everyday person.  Once my perception of Han changed, I began to visualize the interaction between male-female, energy-dark energy that would allow for the magnitude of explosion resulting in the Big Bang.  I do not propose any scientific theory explaining this event, it is too big for my mind to fully grasp, only a way to conceptualize what occurred.

I later  stumbled across an article that discussed what happens when a human egg is fertilized.  The article stated that once an egg is fertilized, the surface of the egg  hardens and this prevents other sperm from entering the egg.  Once this occurs, the cell begins a process of division creating stem cells, from which everything else in the body is created.

I began reviewing the first Period of creation from these two perspectives. I had two variations on the story where the earth is manifested.  One simply stated that Inyan spread around the earth.  The other one told to me in my office was that Inyan chased the Earth across the universe then surround her.

I chose to use the second scenario, that of an egg being fertilized by sperm to capture the passion inherent in the act of fertilization. Only one progenitors  is successful.  Then begins a miraculous  process; the egg surface hardens and  contacts.  Multiple cells divisions begin; precursors to plant, animal, human life, that allow for various aspects of the off spring to manifest.  That  offspring concists of the myriad of life forms which make up the earth. We are all one creation.

The first  recorded story; Han, is told from the poets point of view.  The essence of the original story is present but told with the beauty and emotion of imagining such an  incredible event.  The recording is appropriate for family listening.  Enjoy the music!




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